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Do's and Don’ts for Dogs In the Vicinity of Morro Bay

In our area, every person that wants a canine traveling companion, and every dog that aspires to be that companion, needs to learn leashing. Both SLO County and the California Department of Parks and Recreation have “leash laws.” These laws require dogs to be kept in a house, camper, car, tent, securely fenced yard, on a run, or on a leash. Leashes should be four feet long on State property, and always entrusted to people who can remain in control if the dog becomes excited. Fines can exceed $450 for the first offense.

Dogs on leash are welcome at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria; Estero Bluffs except the beaches from San Geronomo Creek, which crosses Route 1 at mile 37.5, east to Cayucos; Cayucos Beach; Torro Creek Beach, which extends from Torro Creek to the stairs on North Point; Morro Bay Beach, which extends from Little Morro Creek to the Rock parking lot; Morro Bay State Park west of South Bay Boulevard where signed; Elfin Forest to Butte Street; the Greenbelt south of Highland Drive; the paved roads, campgrounds, picnic areas, and Spooners’ Cove at Montano de Oro State Park; and Avilla Beach until 10 AM in the morning and after 5 PM in the evening.

On the other hand, dogs are totally excluded at Harmony Headlands State Park; 24th Street Beach; Atascadero State Beach, which extends from North Point to Little Moro Creek; Morro Bay State Park east of South Bay Boulevard; the area surrounding the Middle School; Los Osos Oak Reserve; the Sand Spit; and all the graveled roads and trails at Montano de Oro State Park.

Dogs are also not allowed in most motels, restaurants, markets and stores. However, some businesses are dog friendly. Check with the local Chambers of Commerce.

There are two off-leash dog parks the County: El Chorro Regional Park, located on California Highway 1 across from Cuesta College; and Laguna City Park in San Luis.

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