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Key to Morro Bay Poison-Oak Locations 

Morro Bay State Park

1. 40 to 52 feet from the southeast corner of the museum building, below the sidewalk. Within reach from walk if you lean over.

2. Across from the Campground entrance. This patch starts at the cable junction box opposite the first entrance to the ranger residences, and extends for 75 feet along the south side of State Park Road.

3. 300 feet east of the Campground amphitheater.

4. In the group campground growing under the pines at the east edge of the Osos site.

5. At scattered sites along the exercise trail, sometimes protruding into the trail.

6. In the woods south and east of the fourth golf hole (none where the grass has been mown)  to the summit of Black Hill, often at the edges of trails.

7. In the pine forest above Ridgeway Street on and under some of the trees. None at the edge of paths.

8. From Quintana at La Loma 2/3 of the way to South Bay Boulevard.

9. Along  several trails on the north side of Black Hill.

10. At the base of the eucalyptus trees south of the pull-off; and just beyond the gate along the service road.

11. Between the street and the Flats, starting 65 feet north of the guard rail and running for 40 feet. These plants are hard to see because they are mixed with blackberry and virgin's bower.  

12. On the east side of Black Hill.

13. From Chorro Flats half way up Cerro Cabrillo. Sprouts in the middle of the access road between sprayings.

14. Along the north end of trail on the west shoulder of Cabrillo.

15. South of State Park Road, at its junction with Golf Course Road.

16. Between Chorro Creek and South Bay Boulevard, at the first left turn south of the Chorro bridge.

17. On the Quarry Trail, the summit of Portola, and the trail in the canyon east of Portola.

18. Where the road cuts the shoulder of Portola, on the north and west sides down to the estuary.

19. Before reaching Turri Creek Road, on the north side of the low ridge where the old highway used to be.


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