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The Calculated Risk Option

The heart of poison-oak country is central and northern California, west of the High Sierras. Deliberately visiting poison-oak country can be an interesting and exciting challenge.

In the Morro Bay area, I have explored from Harmony to Lake Oso Flaco. For those who wish to follow a few of my footprints, the following articles are included: 

     Morro Bay State Park
     Locations North of MBSP
     Locations South of MBSP

I wrote these articles in 2000, but not much has changed. I also wrote the following:

It is wise to anticipate how much exposure there will be at the places you plan to visit.

Los Osos Oaks State Reserve has poison-oak everywhere just off the trails. 

Audubon Overlook has poison-oak on both sides of the entrance path. Be careful not to touch it.

Sweet Springs has large patches of poison-oak. Some of these are labeled. The paths are wide, so youll be safe. Just be careful what you touch.

Youll see poison-oak trying to climb eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus has a defense against vines growing on it. It sheds its outer bark, and down come the vines! If you have time, drive out Toro Creek Road. What happens when poison-oak climbs sycamores?

Butte Street is north of Sea Pines Golf Course. The trails from the west end of this Street are part of a trail system that extends west to the Dunes and south into Montano de Oro State Park. Heading southwest along the edge of the Bay the first poison-oak is encountered in about a quarter mile. Around Shark Inlet the plant is very vigorous, and intrudes into the trail.

Monarch Grove is located at the end of Monarch Lane, which is off the west end of Los Osos Valley Road.


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